Assistant Principals

Assistant Principals

Ham, Rollie
Assistant Principal
Risberg, Kristin
Assistant Principal

Support Services

Each student will be assigned to a particular Assistant Principal. The AP's will be available for consultation and guidance throughout the year. We encourage all students and parents to consult their assigned Assistant Principal any time they have concerns relating to class program, academic progress, or any area relating to school. Parents who have serious concerns about their student's academic standing should contact the AP's regarding alternatives in resolving those concerns/problem. It is our intent to be responsive to your needs.

Ms. Kristin Risberg - students with last names A- L

Mr. Rollie Ham - students with last names M - Z


BJH Behavior Expectations

The staff at Brea Junior High School strives to maintain a safe campus environment and a climate conducive to learning. Students enrolled at Brea Junior High are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, respectful, responsible and cooperative manner at all times.

  1.  If I choose to bring a dangerous object (including laser pointers) on campus, I will be suspended from school and may be recommended for  expulsion from the district. Police will be contacted.
  2.  If I choose to use or possess drugs, alcohol, lighters, tobacco, or other controlled substances while under the jurisdiction of the school, I will be suspended from school and may be expelled. The police will also be contacted.
  3. If I choose to sell drugs, alcohol, or any other controlled substances while under the jurisdiction of the school, the police will be contacted and the district expulsion proceedings will begin.
  4. If I choose to vandalize, damage, deface or destroy school property, parents will be notified and be required to pay for repairs and replacement of damaged property. I may also be suspended from school and the police notified.
  5. If I choose to become involved in a fight, I can expect to be suspended from school for up to five days, and the police may also be notified.
  6. If I choose to harass, haze or threaten other students, I will receive consequences ranging from detention to expulsion from school. I understand this also includes spreading gossip and rumors.
  7. If I choose to engage in any form of sexual or gender harassment, I will receive consequences ranging from detention to expulsion from school. *Each student is entitled to learn in an environment in which all students are treated with respect and dignity. Sexual harassment is against the law. Any student who feels he/she is being harassed verbally or physically should immediately contact the principal or guidance specialist.
  8. If I choose to persistently violate the regulations and policies of the school or defy the reasonable authority of school personnel, I will receive consequences ranging from detention to expulsion. I may be put on an individual behavior contract at the discretion of the guidance specialists.
  9. I understand that graffiti is against school rules and the law. Suspension and police involvement may result for violating the rule on graffiti. I understand that permanent ink marking pens are prohibited.
  10. If I choose to violate class standards by arriving late for class, by being out of class without a pass, or by continually not completing school assignments, I can expect teachers and guidance specialists to take appropriate disciplinary action. This may include notifying parents, conferences with the teacher and/or guidance specialist, detention, Saturday School, or exclusion from school activities.
  11. If I choose to “cut” school or class or leave without permission, I will be considered truant. I will be required to make up time missed at Saturday School and/or detention.
  12. If I choose to leave campus to go to “7-11” or any other place, I will be considered truant and will receive consequences. *Bus riders waiting for the bus may not leave campus.
  13. If I choose to violate the school dress code, I will be asked to change clothes. Continual dress code violations will result in detention, Saturday School, and/or suspension.
  14. If I choose to go into the “off-limits” areas of campus during P.E., snack or lunch, I may be given a referral and detention. I understand this includes bleachers, monkey bars, and park area.
  15. If I fail to throw trash away, or if I choose to throw food or other items inappropriately, I may receive consequences. If I choose to become involved in any type of food fight, I will be suspended from school.
  16. If I choose to consume food or drinks outside of the cafeteria or Bobcat Alley, I will be given a misconduct.
  17. I understand that students are not allowed to bring pagers, radios, iPods, MP3s, tape recorders, CD players or other electronic toys and devices to school. If electronic devices are being used in school projects, they must not be seen outside of the classroom. If I choose to misuse these items, they will be taken away and stored until parents make arrangements to pick them up. *The school cannot be responsible for these items, including the period of time the item is being stored awaiting parent pick-up.
  18. If I choose to misbehave on the bus, I may receive a citation from the bus driver and consequences from my guidance specialist. Continual problems on the bus may result in a loss of bus riding privileges.
  19. I understand that no public displays of affection are allowed on campus, including: kissing, hand holding and hugging.
  20. I understand that there is a NO GUM policy on campus. If I choose to chew gum, I can expect a Misconduct Report, detention or Saturday School for repeat offenses.

*Cell phones are covered in a separate section of the agenda. Students are allowed to have cell phones on campus. However, no cell phone use is allowed in classrooms. If a cell phone is visible or goes off in class or the P.E. locker rooms, it will be confiscated and there will be consequences.

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