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English/Language Arts (Grade 8) Drama/Play Production

Beginning Band

No musical experience is required for this class! This year-long course is designed for students who have either very little or no experience playing a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. The class focuses on the development of music literacy, including reading musical notation and rhythm, as well as developing technical skills on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Students will perform at a variety of concerts and events throughout the school year. Beginning Band will prepare students for future participation in Intermediate or Concert Band, as well as high school band


Intermediate Band

This year-long course is recommended for students who have at least one year of experience playing a band instrument. This is the recommended class for students who have played an instrument throughout elementary school or who have completed Beginning Band at BJH or at another school. Students should already have some basic skills in reading music. This class would also be appropriate for students who may have never been in band, but have played other instruments, such as piano or string instruments. Students will continue to develop music-reading skills and more advanced playing techniques and will perform at a variety of concerts and events throughout the school year. Intermediate Band will prepare students for future participation in Concert Band, as well as high school band.


Concert Band

Concert Band is the most advanced band class at Brea Junior High, and students are placed either after successful completion of Intermediate Band, successful audition, or recommendation by teacher.  In this year-long class, students will learn advanced music reading skills and playing techniques on a band instrument and will perform extensively throughout the school year.  The Concert Band regularly represents BJH at concert festivals and competitions across Southern California, including an annual performance at Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm. Auditions take place in June of the previous school year. Contact, Mrs. Bartell for audition information. Concert Band will prepare students for participation in high school band.


Beginning Guitar

No musical experience is required for this class!  This year-long class is designed for students who have either very little or no experience playing guitar or who may play using guitar tablature or chord symbols, but do not know how to read standard music notation. Students will learn to read and play music and chord symbols in first position. Finger picking, chord strumming, and some rock techniques will be taught in a wide variety of music. Students do not participate in concerts for this class.


Show Choir Express

This year-long course is designed to teach students to sing and dance as part of a competing show choir. Teacher approval is required before any student may be enrolled in this award-winning ensemble. In the Fall Semester, Show Choir Express will perform a Fall Concert at BJH, a Holiday Concert with the high school Choirs at BOHS, and travel to Disneyland to participate in musical workshops with Disney professionals. In the Spring Semester, Show Choir Express will perform a Broadway Night Concert at Choir Competitions throughout Southern California and host a Show Choir Competition for Middle Schools at BOHS. All students will also be given the opportunity to participate in the Spring Musical at BOHS as part of the chorus. This course is open to all students by AUDITION ONLY. Teacher approval is required before any student may be enrolled in the award winning BJH Show Choir Express.



Acting, Improv, and Theatre - If you've ever wanted to take a dive into the world of acting, this is the perfect place to start.  In this class, students will actively participate in and learn the basics of theatre arts including: improvisation, voice projection, monologue/ensemble acting, and script analysis.  The class will view scenes from movies and television, dissect and critique performances, and finally recreate the scene.  Guest speakers from "the business" visit the class and discuss their craft. Be ready to get up in front of the group and show us what you can do!


Play Production

This course is designed for advanced student actors. Students will represent BJH in an evening and weekend production near the end of the school year.  Students must be prepared to try out for roles in the play and be willing to work as part of the "stage team."  Classroom instruction includes the study of acting styles, classical and contemporary theatrical works and directing. Students are required to participate in after school or evening rehearsals. Prior enrollment in Drama I is required and this class is offered during 2nd semester.


Art I

If you don't know how to draw, this is a semester-long class for you. You will learn how to draw, shade, sketch and how to make objects look real (3-D). You will also learn how to mix colors using different kinds of paints and learn beginning sculpture. Students' grades are based on effort. If you already know how to draw, this class will help you become a better artist. No previous drawing ability is required to join Art I.


Art II

An intermediate level drawing, painting and graphic design course where students apply artistic processes and skills, using a variety of media, to communicate meaning and intent in original works of art. In addition, students analyze the role and development of visual arts in past and present cultures throughout the world, as it relates to the visual arts and artists. Concepts and techniques learned in Art I are used to create finished works of art. This class is intended as a beginning pathway to the Visual Arts Pathway offered at Brea Olinda High School. (Prerequisite: Art I)

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